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Ripple+ MAX 1,000 Puffs- Various - The Society
Ripple+ MAX 1,000 Puffs- Various - The Society
Ripple+ MAX 1,000 Puffs- Various - The Society
Ripple+ MAX 1,000 Puffs- Various - The Society
Ripple+ MAX 1,000 Puffs- Various - The Society
Ripple+ MAX 1,000 Puffs- Various - The Society
Ripple+ MAX 1,000 Puffs- Various - The Society
Ripple+ MAX 1,000 Puffs- Various - The Society

Ripple+ MAX 1,000 Puffs- Various

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Ripple+ MAX 1,000 Puffs- Various

Our single-use puffs are the perfect ripple+ taste testing experience: each device delivers 1000 puffs so you can unlock a plant-powered utopia.

FOCUS, BOOST, RELAX, DREAM, & HAPPY!  Try one, try them all! 

Now also the Loser by Coco Captain, Limited Edition!

Ripple+ FOCUS combines the functional extracts of brain-boosting bacopa + fatigue fighting guarana and is topped off with a mouth-watering mango aroma. The tropical blend is designed to uplift your mood and transport your senses to sunnier places

Our BOOST formula combines the functional plant extracts of green tea and maca for a natural pop of vim. Blended with a lychee aroma, it’s a pure and organic way to give yourself a boost. Green tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, and since this plant naturally contains caffeine

Blending the natural, functional plant extracts of the chamomile flower and soothing lemon balm, the ripple+ RELAX allows you to unwind naturally and instinctively. Finished off with a jasmine aroma, this formula is designed to help chill you out.

Balancing the natural plant extracts of jujube seed and valerian flower our DREAM diffuser is designed to calm, ease and lighten. It’s combined with tranquil lavender aroma for a peaceful blend that naturally allows you to slow down.

Tropical days incoming. Things are about to get HAPPY in here with our new ripple+ formula: a burst of passion fruit aroma blended with anxiety-relieving schisandra + calming limeflower, designed to combat stress and leave you feeling lighter and brighter.

It’s Coco time, ripplers. We’ve teamed up with one of our favourite artists of the moment, Coco Capitán, for a limited edition release you won’t want to miss. Coco has used ripple+ as her canvas, decking out LOSER in Big Tobacco’s go-to shade, Pantone 448 C – aka ‘the ugliest colour in the world’. It’s like she says: smoking is not sexy. The work of art continues with the flavour selection; a rich, old mahogany aroma that’s reminiscent of your grandparents' study in the most timeless of ways. This way for nostalgia with your puffs.

More Details:

In need of a tropical fix? We’re in the same boat, which is why we created a formula that provides you with some puffable escapism. 

Meet Ripple FOCUS! A blend of functional ingredients, topped off with an invigorating aroma, our newest addition to the family is quickly becoming a fan favourite. Packed with good-for-you (and your wellbeing) ingredients, the formula is blended with a brain-boosting combination of bacopa + guarana, topped off with a delicious mango aroma. Think of it as your feel-good companion for that holiday you never booked, but know you deserve! 

MANGO AROMA What do those mango puffs really taste like? Think perfectly in season, freshly-cut, extra juicy mangos that have you wondering whether you’ve escaped the glominess of short winter days and ended up in a place where the sun never stops shining. FOCUS pairs well with blue waves, breezy beaches and a tan, but also works wonders at turning grey skylines into tropical sunsets if you let your mind wander! 

But the scent isn’t the only thing that had us mad for mangos; its aromatherapeutic benefits are pretty impressive too! Used for centuries for its ability to help clear the mind and make stress melt away, this feel-good aroma has been hailed since ancient Indian culture. 

The aromatherapeutic benefits of mango go beyond its divine scent and flavour. Having been utilised for medical purposes during the Vedic period (1750 BCE), mangos were renowned for their ability to enhance brain activity and strengthen the heart. Packed with valuable antioxidants and biofavonoids, mango oil is a blend of components that work a treat at boosting your immune system (and your mood!) too! 

*Lil’ fun fact: more mangos are eaten around the world than ANY other fruit! 

BACOPA EXTRACT A staple in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, this stellar brain-boosting ingredient has been long used for its ability to improve cognitive function and ease anxiety. A powerful source of antioxidants, bacopa is said to reduce inflammation by stimulating an immune response. 

Studies have shown that bacopa extract significantly improves the speed of processing visual information learning rate and memory. Could FOCUS become your favourite desk-side buddy?

GUARANA EXTRACT From the beverage industry to wellness supplements, you can spot Guarana on many ingredient line-ups. Guarana is renowned for reducing fatigue and helping improve focus (you know where the inspiration came from now!). Guarana seeds are said to contain six times more caffeine than coffee beans, with studies having shown that people who use it regularly feel less tired overall. Research has also revealed that guarana might improve your ability to learn and remember, comparing it to ginseng for its power to amplify those brain waves. (PS: If ginseng’s your thing, we’ve got you covered in that department too!) Guarana is also said to help ease anxiety and improve your all over mood. 

FOCUS - a formula that keeps you grounded whilst transporting your senses


Let’s kick it off with POWER.  The revitalizing flavour instantly awakens the senses and energises the body. A mix of ginseng root extracts and ginko biloba is used to give that natural energy lift. The cooling peppermint aroma adds a crisp finish to each puff, topping the overall experience with an ultra-refreshing touch.

Use POWER if…

If you feel like your body needs a head-to-toe reboot. If you want that instant hit of freshness. If your energy levels are at an all-time-low. If you need a bit of pepping up before (or during) a long day. If you simply like peppermint. If you want to feel revitalised. If you want to feel that lil' bit stronger


Hailed for its lychee-liscious taste, BOOST is the ultimate fruity pick for those who like a punchy flavour. Green tea and Maca have been used for centuries in Chinese and Peruvian cultures. Green tea is often used for its ability to aid digestion and improve mental health. Green tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, and since this plant naturally contains caffeine. Similarly, some of the highlighted benefits of Maca include its ability to help with energy and mental acuity. The uplifting scent of Boost can surely help you focus while maintaining tranquillity, no matter where your day might take you!

Use BOOST if…

If you feel like your brain needs a quick reset. If you’re into fruity flavours. If you’re looking for a concentration booster. If you could do with a bit more energy, but don’t want to have your fifth coffee of the day (guilty). If you want to amplify those brainwaves when your mind is feeling tired. If your energy is so drained that you can barely crack a smile. If you want your brain to be blazing with extra motivation.

Relax’s Jasmine Aroma Though its ancient origins lie in China and India, the Jasmine flower can be currently found in tropical climates around the globe. In India, Jasmine is connected to Hindu practice, whilst in China it was used to clear rooms that had been full of sick people from the pollutants that were thought to have remained. It is incredible to think that this was done well before any of the antibacterial properties of Jasmine were proven! Its sweetness has ensured its desirability across time and space. Studies have shown that Jasmine can strongly uplift people’s moods! It does so by transmitting messages straight to the limbic region of the brain (which controls emotions). It is no wonder why Jasmine is one of the leading natural and holistic solutions to a variety of mental health issues, from stress and anxiety, to fatigue and depression. Next time you are stressed out and sick of being told to take a deep breath, try taking one from your relax ripple!

Lavender aroma The hero of scents, lavender has been hailed for centuries for its ability to lighten the mood and calm the senses. If you’re longing for Dreamland, its enchanting aroma is bound to banish restlessness and transport you to a tranquil state, promoting healing and relaxation. Known as a natural sleep remedy since ancient times, the herbal fragrance can help reduce stress levels and alleviate anxiety. Targeted studies are backing up lavender’s reputation as a sleep enhancer, with researchers having confirmed its stellar abilities to combat insomnia. Celebrated for its calming properties, the comforting aroma works wonders if you’re suffering from a general lack of deep shut-eye session.  

Valerian extract A herb native to Asia and Europe, Valerian has been used in traditional chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. The root contains a variety of compounds that can promote sleep and help reduce anxiety. This herbal sleep aid is used in a multitude of supplements, natural teas and wellness products for its stellar ability to naturally calm down a busy brain and ease restlessness. With its naturally mild sedative effect, this botanical extract is a fan-favourite for anyone struggling to get their full shut-eye sessions.   

Jujube seed The fruit is known as a natural sleep booster, with the capability to soothe anxiety and induce a sense of calm into a busy brain. Jujube is also packed with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, with research showing that it’s highly beneficial to our immune system. The chemicals found in jujube seed can trigger changes to neurotransmitters and quieten brain activity, making it easier to fall and stay asleep. With studies revealing that the extract even helps increase snoozing times, there is no wonder why this seed has become a specialist go-to for anyone struggling with sleep issues. Anything for those extra ZZZs!  

DREAM wants to sleep with you Blending together the benefits of sleep-aiding extracts, ripple+ DREAM is the answer to restless nights. If the stress of lockdown and lack of a routine have left you in some snooze debt, this comforting formula will have you catching those ZZZs in just a few puffs.  If you’re ready to get into a bed with a lil’ bit more confidence (that you’ll fall asleep, ofc!), you know where to find your sleep booster. 

PASSIONFRUIT AROMA What does it really feel like to puff on good vibes? Passion fruit has been used as an anti-stress remedy for ages, with plenty of industry experts praising it for its mood-boosting properties. With its warm, sweet + fuzzy scent, the tropical treat doubles up as a stellar aromatherapy staple, known for its abilities to lighten the mood and reduce stress. Its effectiveness for calming nerves, mixed with the sweet taste works a treat to help you chill even when your thoughts are hitting you at the speed of light. From cosmetics to candles, passion fruit is bursting with heaps of benefits, covering all departments: from overall health, to skin, hair and - of course - your all over state of wellbeing.

SCHISANDRA Holding a special place in the history of herbs, schisandra has been used for centuries as an ‘adaptogen agent’, after the discovery of its abilities to fight fatigue and diminish the negative effects of stress. Historically, Schisandra has been known to ‘calm the heart & quieten the spirit’, being an incredible natural stress reliever, as well as cognitive booster. Not only does this heavenly herbal extract help you unwind, but it also makes you sharper and more with it. On top of its positive effects on your mental health, schisandra has got some incredible fatigue-fighting properties, which can promote increased mental alertness, feelings of well being and even increased sex drive. 

LIMEFLOWER Praised by many herbalists for its relaxing properties, lime flower is known to provide relief from anxiety and tension. Similarly to schisandra, the herb has regenerative + restorative properties. According to Peter Conway, the author of Tree Medicine, ‘if you are stressed, tense or overworked, you need lime flowers’. The extract is also known to help put you to sleep by calming your mind and alleviating all negative thoughts to leave your brain when you need a snooze session. The smell and taste of lime flowers also adds to the overall aromatic experience. The scent itself is known to help with slowing down a busy brain, with the herb being used in many calming teas and wellness supplements. 


If you’re looking to find summer love in puffable form, HAPPY is your puffable fling. This unique formula is limited edition, so there is limited stock available. Call it a collector’s ripple :) This puffable bubbly burst of passion fruit was an absolute passion project (no pun intended), so we really wanted to create a formula that will win your heart over from the first taste. Spoiler: we think we nailed it!