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Dr hemp 1.2 gram premium CBD/CBG hemp preroll - Assorted - The Society
The Society

Dr hemp 1.2 gram premium CBD/CBG hemp preroll - Assorted

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Dr hemp 1.2 gram premium hemp preroll - Assorted

Dr. Hemp’s 1.2g pre-roll is infused with natural plant extract. Our 100% USA-grown organic flower allows for a soothing experience from a natural source. This pre-roll has a calm yet noticeably stimulating flavor. It is 100% pesticide-free, lab-tested, and all-natural organic. Having no artificial additives or preservatives enhances the natural character of our flower.

Our 100% organic hemp is lab-tested, free from additives and pesticides, and always harvested from the highest quality sources. With infusions of CBD and CBG, our hemp delivers the full spectrum of therapeutic benefits.

Enjoy the tastiest hemp rolls on the market with releasable terpenes at the filter tip. Also, experience a more enjoyable smoking experience with the all-natural corn husk filter tip. Together, the filter and flavor provide delicious and smooth smoke. A study shows taking CBD together with CBG can support each effect and balancing them, which is known as the entourage effect.

Dr. Hemp’s pre-rolls come in different flavors such as Watermelon, Blueberry, Diablo, and Orange Creamsicle to name a few. These hemp pre-rolls will provide a flavorful experience that is rich and refreshing.

Each pre-roll contains a terpene-infused filter for the most flavor. With no additives or
preservatives, Dr. Hemp offers the best-tasting, most beneficial hemp pre-rolls. No other pre-roll offers the fullest taste with all the benefits of hemp. Enjoy a carefully grown, expertly rolled CBD/CBG pre-roll with a soothing and vibrant flavor.