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Tropicbd Dog Treats

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Tropicbd Dog Treats

In every delicious treat, there are 4mg of full spectrum CBD. This flavor-packed treat is bound to be your pup’s new favorite thing to munch on. At TropiCBD, we understand a dog’s need to eat healthy- just like their owners. Eating healthy can even make them happier! We went ahead and made each treat vegan and gluten-free with all organic ingredients! Not just that, these biscuits also taste amazing. Your dog will get excited as you start reaching for the pouch! 

These human-grade treats are high in antioxidants and support digestion. The coconut oil helps with the flow of nutrients through your canine’s body while the organic molasses naturally sweetens and gives minerals and nutrients such as Iron, Calcium and Magnesium! TropiCBD can’t think of a better way to make you and your pup happy. 

How to use: Before you give your pet their treat, make sure to read this: Small dog (15 pounds or under) give them a quarter of the treat. Medium dog (15-50 pounds) give them half of the treat. Big dog (50 pounds or more) give them all of the treat. Original Flavor Dog Treats are safe to use if your dog is on medications. This product is made in the USA and will not get your furry friend high!