Top Shine- Cherub 4500 Puffs, Red Bull
Top Shine

Top Shine- Cherub 4500 Puffs, Red Bull

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Top Shine Cherub Disposable vapes are the newest craze in Los Angeles, atomizing into the top along with other premium brands such as Puff, Flum, and Hyype.

Our Glendale store has so many requests for these that we're calling Top Shine every day to keep them in stock!

This "capsule vape" shape has exploded in the nightlife scene, and we have to say, this brand is one of the best wearing it- being rechargeable with over 4500 puffs, this is a long-lasting disposable set to be a long lasting contender in the vaping market.

4500 puffs,
5% nicotine,
10 ML Ejuices rechargeable.