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TIMBR- Sample Kit - The Society
Timbr Organics

TIMBR- Sample Kit

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TIMBR Organics offers products made from only the highest-quality hemp leaves instead of tobacco. The quality of our hemp means that you get an enhanced, rich, and non-addictive smooth smoke. Our hemp smoke burn even allowing you to enjoy and relax with the full benefit of a Full Spectrum Experience.

Sample Kit contains: 

(1) Hemp Smokes Pack
(2) Hemp Pre-Rolls
(1) Hemp Disposable
(1) Hemp Flower Jar

$79.99 Retail Value if bought seperately

  • Hemp Smokes Pack 
    • Ingredients: All natural hemp flower, hemp trim, and terpenes
  • Hemp Pre-Rolls
    • Ingredients: Hemp flower- 1 gram (0.03 oz0 all anatural non-gmo
  • Hemp Disposable
    • Ingredients: Full spectrum hemp oil (Phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil, terpenes)
  • Hemp Flower Jar
    • Ingredients: Hemp flower- 3.5 grams (0.12 oz) all natural non-gmo

***original price - $79.99***

***our price - $59.99***


1 - hemp cigarette pack

1 - hemp disposable

2 - hemp pre-rolls

1 - 3.5 gram hemp flower jar