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THC-O Hits Sour Belts: Rainbow - The Society
The Society

THC-O Hits Sour Belts: Rainbow

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THC-O Hits Sour Belts: Rainbow

PUFF XTRAX's THCO Rainbow Sour Belt Edibles deliver a potent 25mg of THC-O in a lip-puckering sour belt. PUFF XTRAX's THCO Rainbow Sour Belts are covered in a perfectly pucker-inducing sour sugar coating with no earthy hemp taste. Our THC-O edibles add an extra boost psychoactive effect. THC-O is known to be 3x stronger than Delta 9 THC...If you’re ready for a new experience try our Sour Candy THC-O edibles today, you’ll be happy you did!