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Str8 Brand 5" Mini Water Rig - The Society
The Society

Str8 Brand 5" Mini Water Rig

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Str8 Brand 5" Mini Water Rig

The Vape Society CBD offers a Str8 Brand 5" Mini Water Rig. This Str8 dab rig measures 5 inches in height and produces smooth, filtered hits thanks to the fixed showerhead percolator. The dab rig has a clear glass beaker base with a colored percolator, joint, and colored rimmed mouthpiece. The fixed showerhead perc adds filtration and cleaning to the smoke for a more enjoyable experience. The rigs come with a 14 mm male banger.
This solid glass dab rig produces impressive hits, and the angled neck design offers a more laid-back smoke. ideal for beginners and connoisseurs alike, everyone needs a dependable, portable chugger like this in their collection.

Specs :

• 14mm Male Bangor
• High-quality glass construction
• Carb Cap included
• Available in Various Colors
• Complete in Box
• The Water rig Height is 5"
• 1 count