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Erth Hemp CBD Pre roll - Cherry - The Society
Erth Hemp CBD Pre roll - Cherry - The Society
The Society CBD

Erth Hemp CBD Pre roll - Cherry

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Grown in California by ERTH. Made from premium CBD flower, never trim or shake. This CBD rich pre-roll is made using our Award Winning “Best CBD Flower” Cherry Blossom. Relax and clear your mind with this soothing indica dominant strain.*

TRIM: 100% CBD Hemp Flower 

QTY:  1 x One Gram Premium CBD Pre Roll

POTENCY: 14-16% Total Cannabinoids 

STRAIN: Cherry Blossom

MORE INFORMATION: Our hemp flower is grown on our own farms located in rural California. A combination of factors including the elevation, soil, climate, sunlight and artesian well water allows us create a truly unique product.

Although these product are grown legally and are considered industrial hemp, they do contain trace amounts of THC. It is not recommended to use this product if you are subject to drug testing for personal or professional reasons.


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