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Daze Apple Grape Iced - 30mg - The Society
7Daze- Reds

Daze Apple Grape Iced - 30mg

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Daze Apple Grape Iced - 30mg

Are you ready to feel refreshed while vaping? If so, reach for 7‘Daze Mfgs Reds Apple Grape Iced by 7 Daze Salt and experience fruity n’ minty perfection with every draw. Magnificently ripe, juicy purple grape are thrown into the juicer with crisp, ripe apples and a handful of cool, freshly picked peppermint leaves. Each draw provides quality nicotine salts and cools down your throat while eliminating your thirst on contact.

At first, the sweetness and crispness of appletastic splendor tantalizes your senses. It will seem as though you’re sipping on freshly pressed apple juice from the local farm. Then, a blast of intense grapetastic goodness thrills your sweet tooth to its core while the juices drip down your throat. With each exhale, that menthol breeze exhilarates your body and leaves you feeling revitalized, right up until the next draw.

Reds Apple Grape Iced vape juice from 7 Daze Salt comes in a small bottle with a brisk and quenching throat hit base.