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Desert Stardust Mushroom Gummies - The Society
Desert Stardust Mushroom Gummies - The Society
Desert Stardust Mushroom Gummies - The Society
The Society

Desert Stardust Mushroom Gummies

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Desert Stardust Mushroom Gummies

Embark on an enchanting journey under the celestial wonders with "Desert Stardust" our Proprietary Magic Mushroom blend. Inspired by the awe-inspiring experiences of those who seek to immerse themselves in the universe's grandeur, our product encapsulates the magic of starlit desert nights.


Starting Dose - 1/2 Gummy : Mood Enhancement, Focus

Low Dose - 1 Gummy : Giddy, Body High

Moderate - High Dose - 2 - 3 Gummies : Onset Euphoria, Visual Tracing

Buckle Up 4 Gummies : Spiritual Experience

FOR ADULTS ONLY. Carefully Consider your tolerance level for dosage. Allow 30-60 minutes for full effect.

For Best results and fastest onset; These Gummies contain nanotized extract that can be absorbed directly into your body without getting broken down by your liver and stomach. For best results, chew gummies thoroughly and let them sit under your tongue and around your gums for 30-60 seconds before swallowing.


When consumed, our proprietary mushroom blends can produce a range of psychoactive effects, including altered perception, increased creativity and introspection, and enhanced mood. Consume them responsibly and follow the recommended dosage guidelines.