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ERTH Hemp CBD Vape Juice 500 MG - GRAPE CANDY - The Society
ERTH Hemp CBD Vape Juice 500 MG - GRAPE CANDY - The Society
Erth Hemp

ERTH Hemp CBD Vape Juice 500 MG - GRAPE CANDY

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If you love grape-flavored CBD products, then this vape juice flavor is your next best friend. It's made with a classic chewy grape flavor that will definitely leave a sweet but balanced taste in your mouth, reminding you of all your favorite grape-flavored treats.

This product is a natural nostalgic throwback to your favorite grape sodas and candies making it an easy favorite. The dark fruit flavor you get is specific to this beloved berry and hits the spot every time.

A classic chewy grape candy flavor infused with a proprietary blend of PG, VG, Flavoring and our Ultra Premium CO2 Extracted Hemp Oil Isolate which is 100% organic, solvent-free and guaranteed to have the highest quality of naturally occurring Cannabidiol.



SUGGESTED USE: Our THC Free CBD Vape Juice will work in any refillable electronic cigarette type setup. This product does not require any unique wattage or settings, however, you may get more flavor out of higher wattage devices. We do offer our recommended CBD Hardware under the products drop down tab.

If you are using a smaller POD (Low-Wattage) device we suggest using the 1000mg strength. If you are using a larger MOD/Tank type setup (high-wattage) we suggest using 500mg strength.

INGREDIENTS: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Food Flavoring, Hemp Oil Isolate

LAB RESULTS: Grape Candy - 500mg


- Vaping is the quickest way to feel the effects of CBD

- THC Free will not show up on any drug tests.

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