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Botanika 300 Puffs- Toffee Custard - The Society
The Society

Botanika 300 Puffs- Toffee Custard

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Botanika 300 Puffs- Toffee Custard

Rich custard topped with English Toffee and Sweet Cream.

Features Botanika™, All Natural Flavors

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Passion Flower and Burdock, VG

Botanika Disposable Vape Pen By Elixir are a range of high quality proprietary blend of herbs from FDA’s list of safe herbs and provide 300 puffs per pen device. Each pen has been made in California to deliver a boost of energy and as well as manage stress and appetite and has maximum max VG content and no nicotine content.  Each pen contains 10% of Botanika which is Elixir’s proprietary blend of special herbs.


Simply remove device from packing, and lightly inhale on mouthpiece of device as its draw activated. The device will produce a vapour for you that you will inhale. Start slowly and increase intake as necessary. The kit is designed to be used till empty and then should be disposed of.